Saturday, February 9, 2008

day of the caucus (not carcass)

I really really want to go and be a responsible voting citizen. I know I should, especially since I found out the Democratic party does not count the primary ballots when awarding delegates in Washington State. Argh.

And I want my kids to check it out, witness potential mayhem democracy in action. They did watch the last Presidential inauguration, even though they were only 5 & 3 and it wasn't the winner we were hoping for. (Paige was excited to see Mrs. Cheney, though, because she wrote A is for Abigail, which we adore).

The only hitch today is that my parents have brought a Wii for us and will be wounded if the worship is interrupted. So. I'm leaning toward telling my children they can play unlimited Wii after they attend the caucus with me. What say ye, wiser readers? Is it bad to bribe young people to pay attention to the world around them for a bit?

Must go ponder...And shower. (One doesn't want to smell like a carcass at the caucus).
There is also this to read today, if you get really lonely.