Sunday, February 10, 2008

googly goo, peek-a-boo

Discovered at Vintage Thirty: A super fun random assortment (potentially infringing on copyrights? Who knows; please write if I go to jail) of images representing me in various ways. The point of this meme is to answer the questions below using only pictures found online (only the first page of search results). Consider yourself tagged if you're reading this and smiling, and have at least an hour of spare time on your hands.
1. The age you will be on your next birthday.
Maybe I'll even dress like this at my party!
2. A place you’d like to visit.
(Again. For more than 3 days).
3. Your favorite place.
It's just so happy! I think they lace the churros with Prozac.
4. Your favorite object.
5. Your favorite food.
The elusive yet delicious Nanaimo bar.
6. Your favorite animal.
They look so soft & cozy, I just want to squeeze them!
Which I'm sure is ill-advised.
7. Your favorite color.
Don't tell the Bloods in my 'hood.
8. The city in which you were born.
Not as exotic as it seems; it's a Pacific Northwestern Navy town.
9. The town in which you live.
Although we no longer drive wagons down a packed-dirt Main Street.
10. The name of your pet.
It's not Yo, Adrienne.
11. The first name of your love.
And interestingly, he looks a lot like this. Except for the hair.
12. Your nickname/screen name.
Holy Sh*t, that really IS me! On the first search page!
But I think this image is a much better fit for the screen name...
13. Your middle name.
OMG, it's really me again. That's so weird.
14. Your last name.
I will be ordering sweatshirts with this on them soon.
15. A bad habit of yours.
Maybe if this weren't so delicious, the bad habit would go away.
16. Your first job.
But nobody gave me a tiara & sash for it...
17. Your dream job.
Go shopping and set up fake rooms? For pay? Um, okay.
18. Your current job.
I actually do have a chalkboard. But I never wear pumps and only rarely a skirt.
Wish I had a stick like that sometimes though...
19. A picture you find hilarious.
This girl rocks.
20. A picture that inspires you.


All photos from Google images.
(Does that keep me out of jail?)