Sunday, February 3, 2008

i feel so dirty

Because I could not refrain from watching the game, I had to choose a team. I cannot do things without having a purpose, even if it's a contrived and silly-sounding purpose. So I chose the Giants and here is the reasoning that will help me sleep tonight:
  1. They were the underdogs.
  2. I like quarterback Eli Manning's brother, Peyton, in all of his amusing, self-deprecating commercials.
  3. Michael Strahan has a sweet smile and seems like a decent guy.

  4. Patriots coach Bill Belichick's cut-up sweatshirts are ridiculous.

I realize all of this "thinking" is coming dangerously close to my admittedly pathetic rationale for hating the Miami Dolphins for years (orange & turquoise are hideous team colors). But I had to have something; just wanting the Patriots to lose so they wouldn't be undefeated seemed terribly mean and petty.

Forgive me, Cowboys. (I was pretending it was you the whole time).