Friday, February 22, 2008

will i be better by oscar night?

My brain feels like the little pyramid sloshing around in its plastic Magic 8 Ball© skull.

I like this answer. Now crossing my fingers and performing other paganistic activities.

(Kidding, God!)


Suzanne said...

heehee... Funny, the magic 8 ball is what Jachin took in today for show and tell. He asks questions with the words "butt", "insane", and "stink" a lot, which makes for hilarious answers (for an 8 year old).

Anonymous said...

Question for M8B: "Is Stephanie becoming one with the couch?"

M8B: 'most definitely'


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I sure hope so. Light up those pagan candles; make it happen.

Besides my selfish bidding, I just hope you are better soon...

Very Mary said...

Good gosh woman. You just totally described my current state of being. I'll just be directing my blog raders over here.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I wonder if it will work if the Magic Jenn says, "It is decidedly so."

Anonymous said...

I hope my magic soup and tea made you all better. I put extra good ju-ju in it!

Jen B:)

katydidnot said...

question for the magic 8: does katy know what pragnatic means?

answer: um, duh, no.

Mrs. G. said...

I know George Clooney and the Oscars are going to get you through this. I have to say, I thought Josh Brolin should have been nominated for Yuma. What do you think?

stephanie said...

You are all lovely & thoughtful readers.

Suz: I should start asking questions like that; I could use a laugh now that it doesn't hurt my head to do so.

Husband: I think I'm ready to wander...

Lisa: Candles, yes! It's okay to be selfish; you've helped me much.

Mary Ann: Thanks for the detour; I hope I can come remotely close to filling your shoes for a moment. (Hope you feel better soon!)

Jenn: Certainly cannot hurt - say away!

BFF Jen: Your soup was extraordinary, although not confirming what I thought it was creeped me out a bit. But I was starving, and it was a dream. Thank you thank you!

Katy: It's "paganistic" and of course you don't know it because you're a good Catholic girl. I'll try not to corrupt you.

Mrs. G: I so appreciate your faith (in George & the Oscars; see "paganistic" hehe). I think you mean Josh in No Country for Old Men? Absolutely, he was robbed.


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