Thursday, February 7, 2008

you might want to stand back

I got out of bed this morning with that ominous thick throat feeling. My head also felt a little bloated and when I swallowed, slightly scratchy soreness. And today was not a day when staying home would work out in anyone's favor - I had been in a foggy half-sleep rethinking all of my day's lessons for about an hour before I finally slumped into the bathroom. Calling for a substitute and saying "Yeah, I don't really have anything decent for you to do with my 70 students today. Have fun!" seemed like bad form.

I quickly downed a vial of magical juju homeopathic flu prevention medication and began my day in optimistic denial. Wash face, take shower, - no, I do not feel faint - get dressed, put on new Happy-early-Valentine's-Day-thank-me! watch, pack lunches, fix breakfasts, brush out girl's squirrel nest hair. ALL IS WELL!

Once at school, I miraculously (thank you, tiny 8 pound six ounce baby Jesus) created the best. lesson. ever. It won't, of course, sound nearly as brilliant if I describe it to you here but essentially it took advantage of and spawned some entertaining conversation plus clever writings. Yay me! In the midst of Best Lesson Ever, I brewed myself a bit of tea because, after the initial panic-turned-inspiration of the morning, I realized the scratchy throat nonsense had returned. Grrr.

I maintained a healthy sense of reality-rejection throughout the day only to feel myself running slower and foggier as I went through a dentist appointment, picking up kids, making dinner, grocery shopping and finishing this post. I still have composition books to look at, brie & bread to eat, LOST & Survivor to watch...Must prioritize.

Hello, mate.