Saturday, March 22, 2008

caught in a vortex

Since I awoke at 7:30 this morning, my brain has been making very optimistic plans about the day.

I'm going to fold & put away the laundry, then I'll get dressed and start grading work.

Okay, first I'll have breakfast, check my e-mail, then do the laundry, get dressed and grade.

Wait - breakfast, e-mail, I'll do laundry later, take a shower and go to the cafe to grade work.

Let's see. If I sleep awhile longer, have breakfast with the kids, check e-mail then get ready and head to the cafe...

It is now after 1:00 pm and I have eaten breakfast, gotten ready, checked e-mail five times, read multiple blogs, and got sucked into watching half a dozen videos from Improv Everywhere. No laundry, no cafe, no grading.

Here, you try it:

It is an irresistible time-waster. I kind of hope my son the actor gets hooked up with a group like this someday. There just isn't enough wackiness in the world sometimes...

Okay, seriously, I am going to work on grades.