Monday, March 24, 2008

i am virgo, hear me roar

Here was my strangely specific horoscope for today:

Stick to your own agenda first today -- even if it requires you to cause conflict in a group. Getting along well with others might be an unrealistic goal today. After all, you cannot always sacrifice what is best for your life in order to be everyone's best friend. Do not compromise what you believe just to get along with other people. In the end, people will have to respect you for sticking to your principles and not succumbing to the pressure of the majority.

After Friday's full moon headache, this was my Monday plan for the Creative Writing class:

Seating chart, which is always met with groaning and aggravation but even more so when it's imposed on teenage people who like to think they're beyond such a babyish arrangement.

There are only ten (now nine) days left in this quarter. It has been on my mind for awhile to separate a number of individuals, but each day I would give them another chance to get their shit together. So this weekend, as I read composition books and despaired at the abysmal quality of certain people's work, I decided it was time. I knew there would be gnashing of teeth, but I got out the chocolates and handed one to each person who found his/her new seat and sat in it with minimal complaining. One kid refused to eat his candy, even pushed it toward the edge of the table; I complimented him on his steadfast gesture of displeasure (which, of course, made him scowl even more - but he stayed there and worked more than he has in weeks).

When I got home and read my horoscope (I usually forget first thing in the bleary morning), it made me laugh. That is exactly where my day was - causing conflict in a group, not being anyone's best friend, no compromising or succumbing. Here's hoping I glimpse a little respect amidst the hostility...