Thursday, March 27, 2008

please direct your attention to the sidebar

Check out that fancy blue widget. Eventful is an Internet service that will alert you to goings-on in your area (including political events!), and you can "demand" artists to come to town. I'm not sure exactly what happens after one submits a "demand" but as you can see from the little banner there, I just might find out. See that 1 people* in the Portland metro area clamoring for Fountains of Wayne? Yours truly.

I imagine they'll be here any day now.

*Edited: My dearest husband become the second person to demand FoW. Thank you, darling, for indulging my lunacy.


Mrs. G. said...

Way to be proactive in keeping your dream alive.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

How could they not come?

Very Mary said...

You know, I can't even demand that my child clean her room. You are seriously far more advanced than I.

~michelle said...

ha ha!! such high demand those guys are- sis, no offense, but they are kinda out. you can like their music and rock it- but it's like most good bands, they fade slowly.

~michelle said...

oh! and i added one on for ya too- to show the love!

stephanie said...

Thank you all, except my mean little sister (Michelle) - did you all see how she dissed me?? And then she tries to make up for it with her pity vote. I am offended.


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