Sunday, March 9, 2008


If you were peeking through my back door, here is what you would see (besides me jumping up to close the curtain):
  • Me, shivering in between typing bouts because I'm too "busy" to get another sweater
  • A tab on the computer screen for Pandora Radio, my new favorite thing in the world (I'm listening to my 'cool boy rock stuff' station now)
  • An empty bowl, recently filled with salt & vinegar chips
  • An open [nearly empty] carton of vanilla frosting, next to a spoon (but I didn't eat ALL of it - it was left over from Mason's Cub Scout cake)

That's the best I can do today. I'm stealthily avoiding a couple of homework things, but this weekend I DID finish every speck of laundry (to the point of undressing in front of the washer Friday night), wipe down the kitchen counters, pick up all the random stuff in wrong rooms (and return it to proper spaces), and finally watched The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (which was, in case you're wondering, a good historical cute boy flick but we're thankful we didn't have to pay for it by the minute; its length was directly related to the protracted title).