Thursday, March 13, 2008

stagnant freak

Today is my Friday (because of teaching training stuff tomorrow) and I'm in that paralyzed place - so much to do, lots of extra time to do it all, cannot begin, CLOCK TICKING.

It didn't help that the one attempt I took to DO SOMETHING ended in utter failure. Like a smart cook, I started a pot of water boiling in plenty of time to get dinner ready. When I went to the pantry for an always-dependable box of mac & cheese, alas! We were out. Hmmm. Risotto? Not for the kid meal (Stu & I are having a later-evening fancy grown-up tete a tete later during Survivor & LOST; yes, envy us our upscale decadence). Well I was just the other day thinking I could use the pasta in the pretty glass jars someday; I really didn't buy & fill them just to decorate the counter. Slight nervousness came over me but I bucked up - I can so make mac & cheese from scratch! Watch me...go the computer and call up a Rachel Ray recipe.

But like a bad cook, I eagerly started measuring, mixing, and melting stuff before I made sure we had all the ingredients (didn't I start this adventure because we were out of something?). No chicken broth. But you know what? Didn't really matter because I had already screwed everything up by forgetting to put cream cheese in the sauce before the milk so $!&#(@*&$*. Nevermind. Sausages, apples, and cilantro lime tortilla chips - really a kids' dream dinner, no?

Now I've added dumping a lumpy pretend-cheese sauce somewhere, dealing with a vat of cooked macaroni, and washing two extra pots to my list of things I can't quite begin to do.

Next time I call this one to help in the kitchen. Or something.