Wednesday, March 5, 2008

wherein i praise the sun. and queen in lego form

Today, the sun came out and stayed out for a long time! I kind of didn't notice it before school was finished at 2:00 since I had my highly ineffectual blinds as far down as I could get them while we watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? But then I released my people and lo! Shiny blue skies! Warm, golden sun! Angels singing! It made me want to lie down on the steps and bask; not often do I feel like basking, but today yes. That, however, would look unprofessional if not slightly insane, neither of which is desirable as a teacher.

Later this afternoon, I needed to pick up Paige from Brownies. Her meeting is just around the block but I have driven the 1/8 of a mile since September because the weather is always too depressing to walk in, so I started for the car at 4:55. But wait! What light through yonder window breaks...(We're starting Shakespeare this week, please forgive). If I drove in this shimmering sunny day, I might jinx the whole thing and awaken tomorrow to thunderbolts and lightning (very very frightening). So stroll I did and when Paige stepped outside, she was perplexed. Mom, did you walk here? My resistance to exercise is legendary.

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