Monday, April 28, 2008

dogs & cats, living together

I added a little widget over to my sidebar so you may, if you are so inclined, donate to our local animal shelter. People I know from my kids' school are joining the 5K (I think that's some kind of running thing) this weekend to raise money for SW Washington Humane Society.

We got our annoying, ungrateful, lazy fluffy bundle of unending cat joy, Rocky, from them a few years ago. And before that, when we had to choose between a newborn human baby and a 65-pound wonderful but high-maintenance Basset Hound living in our house, they took good care of and promptly found a new home for Rosebud. Thus, we are happy to give some extra help in the form of cash, because I choose to only run when being chased. And then only when being chased by someone/something scary (not my husband).

I don't much give a shit what you people do for me...