Tuesday, April 8, 2008

how many days till summer?

Despite the brigade of defiant boys in my [almost finished] Creative Writing class, the raininess that is April in the Northwest, and a charming bullet-hole-like blemish that will not be concealed in the middle of my forehead, I feel pretty good about today.

Somehow I have been well-organized and capable of cleaning & putting things away as I go; new haircut is cooperating; I'm getting lunches ready the night before, being prepared for school, and arriving [relatively] on time to places.

We are nearing the end of the quarter so any assignments I give my Creative Writing class this week are considered, by a small but noisy contingent, extra stupid. I have been proud of the way I've pointedly ignored them (after one attempt at having an actual intelligent conversation with them; I keep forgetting they're 15). Today was particularly trying as they kept disconnecting various parts of the computer I was using to demonstrate how to create a blog. Most of the students are excited about this project (although sad I just thought of it, during the last week of class) so after I would show some steps, I'd wander around the room to help individuals. Each time I returned, something different would be wrong with my computer. Once I figured out it was sabotage, I serenely (as serene as gritted teeth gets) left their general area without a word or a look. Then I ratted them out to the principal when she came into the lab.

Ahh. Good times.

Oh, and I was in the left-turn lane next to my grocery store crush tonight!! I know, exclamation points. I'm a total idiot.