Thursday, April 17, 2008

a pre-vacation grouch

Despite the fabulous mood icon in my sidebar, I am at the moment feeling a little crabby. Here are the reasons:
  • My hair is not really doing what I want it to do
  • No cute spring skirt for this weekend's wedding to be found in the greater metropolitan area
  • The house is not as perfectly situated as I'd hoped before my sister comes

AND [drumroll, please]

  • Grocery Store Hottie has not been working the past two days


Stu is right now telling me that he thinks my hair is really cute, that we can buy an outfit when we get to Vegas, that everything looks fine and my sister wouldn't care regardless. And he's pretending to be a checker who wants me to come through his line...He promises not to call me Ma'am.

Feeling better already. Start placing bets on when my feet hit the pavement after school tomorrow.