Saturday, April 26, 2008

putting the sin in the city

First, pay $25 for the buffet at Bellagio, a much lovelier and inviting hotel than yours (we begin with the sin of Envy). You are lulled in by the canopy of blown glass pieces, beautiful parasols, flowers & butterflies (and giant snails?); thus we have Lust.

Once you have eaten yourself stupid (Gluttony), go back for a few 'carry-out' items. Because you will be hungry later and in Vegas - as in economics - there is no such thing as a free lunch (or breakfast, or dinner), and because you just forked out $25 for a mere series of tasty snacks, grab some fruit, cookies, and portable pastries (Greed). You may have a reluctant party who believes that stealing is wrong and you all are wicked criminals (Pride). Pat him gently on the shoulder then surreptitiously slip the pilfered food into a concealed backpack.

Later, back in your room, you will moan with intestinal agony while slouching in front of truTV (Sloth). Someone will helpfully remind you that you chose to eat just one more bite of chicken artichoke pasta plus the cheesecake, then an espresso chip cookie. And along comes Wrath.