Sunday, May 4, 2008

closed due to manager discretion

I have no idea what happened, but our super fun club at the top of the hotel suddenly stopped the music & brought up the lights. It was rather disarming, though we kept drinking what we had at the table. What?? Tonight we had to pay a cover...

Anyway. We invited Dereks #1 & #2 and Joe the security guard (Michael & Ralph were very busy) to join us down here in the computer-laden bar. We also invited the ladies who were sitting next to us upstairs; we all sat around not knowing what was going on for about five minutes and we gave them a couple of our extra drinks. But they hung back and didn't get in the elevator with us, so we're pretty sure they're not showing. But some of us are hoping the dudes come hang out; they're really fun. Or at least amusingly embarrassed to receive so much attention. [It's all very innocent, Husband of Mine, no worries].

Away I go. More later.