Tuesday, May 13, 2008

today is beige

Nothing quite says "I feel blah" like a uniform of off-white jeans and oatmeal-colored sweater. That is what called my name from the closet this morning. I tried to jazz it up a bit with my butterfly-bottle cap necklace but I think I still resembled a boring old Popsicle stick.

I feel terrible about the fact that every morning I stay in bed as long as possible, counting the minutes hours days until summer begins. It's like saying "I can't wait for..." over & over again; we miss good little things when we do that too much. And it's kind of insulting to the ones we're with in the here & now.

From now until June 13 (32 real days, 21 school days), I will be writing a daily blessings list over at A-Lister. Because if I don't, I just might go from beige blandness to ScaryTeacherGothBlack.

Emily the Strange image courtesy of GoodSearch