Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God says, "stay home and do your laundry"

I had big plans again for today involving Goodwill, my classroom, and lunch with a fellow teacher. And I'm now remembering a hilarious little saying about making God laugh by telling Him your plans. Because 200 yards from the entrance to Super Fun Day Camp this morning, Paige announced her stomachhurtsandfeelskindabarfy. Luckily, we pilfered a few hospital-strength vomit bags from the ER a few months back and stashed them in the car. So I signed in Mason at camp (praying the barfiness was about breakfast and not a virus I'm now spreading to the greater Vancouver area) and drove straight home with my sad girl clutching her blue plastic tube of yuck.

No Goodwill, no classroom, no lunch out (sorry, Monica, who I hope is reading because I can't find her cell number).

But YES to laundry, cleaning bedrooms, touching up paint around the house, possibly planning lessons for next year. Which really means "watching kid TV and going through old magazines all day."