Sunday, June 22, 2008

imagine who was more terrified

As we drove home from the park the other day - the other sunny, warm & otherwise startlingly seasonal day - with windows wide open, Mason shrieked from the back seat.
I turned to see this dude crawling along the edge of the back passenger door. He was a good inch long and very shiny. Paige bravely shot pictures but the camera was confused about what to focus on.

Somehow the bug managed to get itself up on the edge of the glass while I merged onto the highway at 60 mph. I seriously considered pulling over to help it get safely away before realizing that a) I was driving 60 mph and b) it's a bug, with wings. Perhaps I should have pulled over to quell the anxiety attack my son was having.

I actually took this photo backhanded without looking, because I was driving. At 60 miles per hour. The drama of it all. I wish I could have heard the bug's version of the story when he got home. As long as there was no sex involved.