Wednesday, June 18, 2008

spicy tacos + scary movie = grown-up fun!

Since the kids are spending their first SUMMMMMMERRRRR VACATION!! night at their grandpa's, Stu & I hit the town for some wild times. And by "wild times" I mean, well...My boss & colleagues [claim they] read this blog so I should be discreet here. I'm not saying whether or not there was a bolster pillow involved.

Okay, seriously. We went to Chipotle, home of the crack-laced irresistible tortilla chips, took in a showing of the strangers (where I nearly lost my shit with some teenagers who were theater-hopping & talking loudly IN MY EAR right when the movie was starting. Luckily they left promptly; I'm pretty sure they could feel my teacher-wrath building) before stopping by Whole Foods for an oatmeal carmelita (no, he was not there), then headed home for wine. And blogging. At least that's where I am right now; not sure where my husband is. Garage?

I just want to put in a little word for Scott Speedman the strangers. Scary shit, people. In fact, I had to click back out of the site I just linked for you because the music and the g*dd*mn door-banging sound scares the f*ck out of me. Totally not kidding. I was squeezing Stu's hand and/or arm and/or thigh the entire movie. This is why they say horror movies are ideal for dates.

And on that note, my wine is finished and my husband is reading over my shoulder in his boxer shorts. If he tries to scare me, though, so help me...Okay, I guess he's onto something.