Saturday, July 5, 2008

allons nous amuser!*

I am right now listening to the Play and Learn FRENCH CD my sister bought for my kids while I simultaneously write this post and research what to wear around Paris and make reservations for dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Essentially, I'm hoping that by doing as many things as possible at once, I will learn everything I need to know by a sort of manic osmosis. And be totally prepared to blend when in France. Le ha. I'm actually already prepared to be hated, so anything short of having vegetables thrown at us will be refreshing.

Any sophisticated in-the-know individuals who have tips for having a lovely time in Paris, please to pass them on. Let me see - there is nothing in the book that tells how to say "I beg you to help me!" There is "A crocodile is coming! Row fast, row fast!" Hmmm.

I have been absorbing all of the info in my travel guides and discovered that our hotel in Paris is on the Left Bank - I'd like to say I meant to do that, but really I rather blindly chose a place that was reasonable and not a million miles, I mean kilometers, out of town. I'm in the midst of dividing the sights among the days we'll be in the city and am about to embark on the task of buying a completely new fashionable wardrobe deciding what clothing will not scream AMERICAN TOURIST before we even open our mouths.

My preparing-for-European-trip-of-a-lifetime mantra = I will not stress the fun out of this trip. I will not stress the fun out of this trip. I will not stress the fun out of this trip.

Seriously, I think I might buy all new clothes. Breathing now.

*Let's Go to Fun Places! And so we shall. Butchering the language all the way...