Monday, July 21, 2008

pretty sure it's me

No Evil in Chinatown, San Francisco
photo by me, 2008

I tried, though admittedly not very hard after awhile, but I just could not fall in love with the BlogHer conference. It felt like a first date with someone who has everything going for him - cute, polite, smart, trying really hard to deserve my devotion - yet no sparks, and really I found myself wanting to run away with the outrageous hottie flirting from the corner. [Note to husband: All figurative; there were *sigh* no outrageous hotties flirting at me from anywhere].

I will continue to ruminate and put together a post that is not so cryptic. Right now I'm afraid whatever else I write will sound whiny and/or bitchy, not to mention incoherent. Of course this is not to say that it won't still sound that way in a couple of days, but at least I will have crafted it to be so.

For now though - I'm sorry, BlogHer, but we just don't seem to be right for each other. It's not you; I loved the little freebies you gathered for me, and the sandwiches were pretty good, and I really appreciated the Pepsi and bottled waters each day. I think we're just meant for other people. Maybe we can still be friends and, you know, go to movies together sometimes. When I'm not with the outrageous hotties.