Sunday, July 13, 2008

wanted: the ultimate tribute movie

Did you like The Matrix? How about Fight Club? Gone in 60 Seconds? Shoot 'Em Up? The French Connection? The Harry Potter series? Mr. & Mrs. Smith? Batman Begins? Terminator? Raiders of the Lost Ark? The Kung Fu TV series?

Maybe you loved all of the Die Hards? Star Wars? Eastern Promises? The Bourne Identity? Perhaps Titanic, Willard, and/or Ben? Office Space? Princess Bride? Riverdance?

Then Wanted is the movie for you! There is a mysterious world only a few know about, with a mysterious mission, mysterious healing liquid, and mysterious Loom of Fate. There is a bored, Everyman-type office worker with a detestable boss who continually stops by his cubicle. There is a wise mentor and a tough mentor and a wily mentor and a skilled mentor and a hot mentor. There are kissing parts and revenge plots, foreign accents and castle-like fortresses, family revelations and unfaithful friends. There is a troubling lack of identity and a journey to seek a meaningful identity. There is mistaken identity. There is betrayal & double-crossing. There is traveling to a remote, historically significant place for answers. There is a dramatic train sequence and a dramatic underwater scene. There are rats. There are references to IKEA furniture and a wee bit of step dancing.

Oh, and there are fast cars and fancy shooting and lots of things blowing up & bleeding.

I loved it.

And it loved me.