Sunday, August 3, 2008

bad mom time

So, in regards to the movie rental just for me I chose one with both qualifications in P. S. I Love You.

Not entirely horrible; predictably sweet and thoroughly manipulative in the crying arena. But HELLO, all is well with this one on the screen:

Where have you been all my life, Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Seattle?

And a chaser of this one:

Something about those Scots...Blimey.

Okay, carry on with smart things.


dkuroiwa said... still my heart!!! I totally fell in love/lust/whatevah with Jeffrey Dean Morgan when he was on Grey's Anatomy!! When I saw that he was in P.S. I Love you (which I read...loved...and can't wait for the DVD to come out!!!) I just knew I HAD to see it!!!
He's just got that 'smokey' look about him..smoldering...okay..I'll say it...HAWT!!!
Thank you, luv...I'm all warm and tingly now...

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I haven't seen this movie. Worth it? Or should I just click here and look at these pictures when the mood strikes?

Janet said...

Do you ever watch Supernatural? Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on that, too, and he looked good!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Mr. Morgan was my favorite on Grey's Anatomy & he has a bit part on Weeds, as the dearly departed.

Always charming. Always.

Unknown said...

Oh, thank you for the candy!

BTW I am Scottish!!

scargosun said...

No need for smart things now.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan reminds me of Robert Downey, Jr., only without the sordid past.

Moxy Jane said...

I'm just noticing that both of those boys do have a slight resemblance to your sweet Stu...something about the face shape and around the eyes...what do you think?! A scruffier Scottishier Stu.

Anonymous said...

JDM was is so hot and I felt incredibly behind the times when I realized I was only JUST THEN discovering him on Grey's Anatomy. He's been on Weeds a bit, but he's already dead when the show begins. Why is he always playing dead guys?

The Girl Next Door said...

WARNING WARNING WARNING Do NOT watch PS I LOVE YOU unless you are prepared to cry for DAYS. Days I tell you.

Very Mary said...

I'm Irish. Do you love the Irish?

oliver rain said...

I agree, this movie was not horrible, especialliy with the addition of these lovely gentlemen. I watched this movie one night when drinking some wine, when my husband went away. These movies must always be saved for girl nights.

Congratulations on the tattoo! Since you showed off yours I will one day show off mine too (I have two, tee hee)


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