Sunday, August 3, 2008

girl time

Stu & Mason are off to Boy Scout camp this week so Paige & I have big pink-flavored plans. First, we had to get our fave drinks at Fusion Bubble Tea after church today. Actually, in our wild excitement about going there (the boys just never appreciate the yum-factor), we arrived before it was open so we popped into the bagel shop next door for a Cinnamon Delight to share.

After a round of Blended Almond Milk Tea (the mom choice) and Passionfruit Slushie with Passionfruit chewies, we headed to Goodwill for some back-to-school shopping. That sounds kind of mean, I realize - taking my kids to a thrift store to get their school clothes. I'm not a miser, and it's not that we can't afford new stuff (and not that I don't go completely crazy occasionally and purchase entire clearance sections of GAP). But I want my kids to understand that a) fashionable & quality stuff can be found secondhand, b) saving money wherever we can means we have extra $$ for vacations & birthday parties and other times we want to splurge, and c) reusing whenever possible is an earth-friendly mindset to get into, whether or not we see the effects in our lifetime. I found 4 pairs of pants for Mason, a pair of Italian leather shoes for Stu, and a few school supplies while Paige scored 4 pairs of pants, a sweater, and two dresses. Grand total (after my 25% Birthday Month discount!) = $61. Trying not to be smug.

We came home after Goodwill because even though there was much booty for her, Paige is not a dedicated shopper and was ready to be done. She proudly showed off her finds to neighbor Jen then retreated to the solitary joy of Return to Never Land.

Now we are returning the extraordinarily overdue Return to Never Land, getting a new mindnumbing Disney tale delightful children's movie of her choice and something for me that Stu will not care to have missed (read: Anything that induces sobbing and/or has the word "Love" in the title). Then we will take ourselves out to eat and talk about boys. Or the new clothes. Or kittens. Regardless, it is a time to relish.