Tuesday, August 12, 2008

checking in

I have to make this fast because a) we're jacking free wi-fi in the lobby of a hotel that is not ours (the desk clerk keeps making pointed glances at us) and b) I forgot the plug adapter for our charger in the room of our hotel. Plus, oh yeah, I'm in LONDON so there are a few other things I want to do today...

But I love you for loving me, so I will post a couple of details that we have enjoyed so far.
  1. Dragging three suitcases, a laptop, two backpacks and a toiletry bag from Heathrow to the city center, which in theory seems reasonable (we saved about $40 taking the tube instead of a shuttle van) but in practice? Let's just say London is a very "fend for yourself, ya pansy" kind of place. Lots of steep staircases and a few gaps to mind, not to mention the looks ranging from amusement to disdain that I tried not to notice on locals' faces.
  2. Our rabbit warren of a hotel where, in order to get to our room, we take a narrow staircase up a floor, wander down a [narrow] hallway, take an [unbelievably narrow] elevator down a floor, then follow another [narrow? Why yes, I have gained weight...] hallway around a corner. There are a few fire doors in this journey as well. We're getting pretty quick at getting there & out again without issue, but I still find myself checking the brass plaques to make sure I'm headed to our room number.
  3. Water pressure? Forgettaboutit. But it is running water, and it does get warm so I'm not really complaining.
  4. Breakfast at the hotel offers a most heavenly muesli mixture (with WARM milk for it!), berries & fruits, warm baguettes and real butter. Kind of makes up for the winding wandering path to our room...

Okay, that will have to do for now. OH - I get to meet Holly today! She is driving into the city to MEET WITH ME! I am so fricking honored. So another reason I've got to go now (besides the increasingly agitated looks we're getting from the desk clerk).