Saturday, August 30, 2008

the comforts of our homes away from home

London Paris Amsterdam Hotels

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The first row are images from London, specifically the Berjaya Eden Park Hotel at the top of Hyde Park, near Notting Hill.

Second row is Hotel Sully Saint Germain in Paris, on Rue des Ecoles in the Latin Quarter (Left Bank! I felt so expatriated).

Bottom row is the Eden Hotel in Amsterdam, on Amstel. (I totally did not plan that two of our hotels would be named after Paradise; nor did the owners seem to make the connection, either). Though to be fair, our last hotel was quite modern - going so far as to include free Internet in the rooms, a TV with remote & a screen bigger than my hand, plus a generous-sized tub.

I think it's important when traveling to get hotels not too luxurious, otherwise it becomes tremendously depressing to come home. By booking ourselves into places with tiny showers where the curtain is continuously sticking to one's body or where closets cannot fully open because the gigantic [unnecessary] desk chair is blocking the way, we 1) get out of the room and into the city faster and 2) better appreciate our roomy, practical house upon returning.

But I will forever miss someone else making my bed & washing my linens each day. And having fresh warm baguettes with cheese every morning. Sigh.