Monday, August 18, 2008


Tomorrow morning we leave for Amsterdam, via airplane that thankfully did not cost more than my bedroom furniture (and for those wondering - we ended up getting to Paris last week on the Eurostar train; it was a bit cheaper plus much more timely than a flight).

Thank you to those readers who are taking the time to sit through what is essentially a 21st century version of the neighbors' vacation slide show. And you don't even get watered-down drinks & pretzels with it.

I'm not sure what kind of Internet access we'll get in the Netherlands (the country's name leaves me dubious). We were awfully lucky to have a free [if weak & spotty] connection at this hotel; London was a Medieval nightmare where we had to deposit pound coins every 29 minutes in the lobby computer (or surreptitiously use the free Wi-Fi at a nearby hotel).

I still have lots of things to tell that you might find thoroughly entertaining, mildly amusing, or downright idiotic, depending on your state of drunkenness level of medication tolerance for boring neighbors. You may want to bring your own pretzels & cocktails.