Sunday, August 24, 2008


File this under "Everybody looks amazing next to her" maybe, but I did go out with my sister and good friends Lisa & Sam last night and felt FAB.U.LOUS. At Darcelle's, the birthday guests have to stand up and announce to the audience name, age, and occupation; Darcelle him/herself held my hand and called me "lovely," with sincerity. I'm not saying a drag queen's proclamation means any more than what my family and friends (you kind & generous readers included) have been telling me throughout my laments this year, but who doesn't love a little extra boost from unexpected places?

Truly, I thank you all for the tremendously dear wishes - they twined into a virtual wreath of joy that I wore proudly around town throughout the day (manicure + pedicure + Goodwill shopping spree) and afternoon (Red Robin lunch with Stu & the kids + ice cream at Coldstone + swinging at the school playground) and evening (cocktails & yam fries at a funky bar + front row at the show). I traded the wreath of joy briefly for a sparkly befeathered tiara that my darling baby sister gave me, along with a blinking bedazzled wand. [Pictures to follow, never fear.]

I think I'm gonna like this aging thing after all.