Tuesday, September 9, 2008

dirty word

My friend & fellow teacher Monica brought this most perfect gift to me today. I immediately displayed it on my whiteboard, which I realize is a very bad example for my students, but so is the fact that I went to Amsterdam this summer and loved it (I have not, however, disclosed any of my activities, other than walking through the Red Light District). I think it's beneficial for teenagers to know the weaknesses & moral failings of grown-ups occasionally.

The sad fact is, though, turning 40 did somehow flip a fat switch in my body and now my formerly acceptable lifestyle of eating brie & bread with wine after 10 pm along with doing absolutely nothing remotely aerobic very little physical activity is quite unacceptable. So says any given pair of pants in my closet that now squeezes my thighs oh-so-gently, and my midriff which would like to give a shout-out regarding its fun new jiggliness.

Considering I refuse to change my nightly indulgences while watching The Sopranos (or new fave Mad Men), nor do I relish the idea of paying actual money to jump around & sweat in front of other people, possibly parents of students or the students themselves (I have an image to uphold - see above paragraphs), it looks like my only option is to lobby for a Wii Fit. I need something to hold me accountable (it charts stats; I also read somewhere that it will chastise me if I haven't worked out for awhile) that doesn't look or sound like a cheerleader (can I make my Wii instructor resemble Gael, I wonder?) and is available any damn time I feel the urge to exercise. Which will be shortly after I attempt to get dressed each morning.

I guess I'll start having chocolate for breakfast.

*magnet available at Retro Planet