Friday, September 26, 2008

a most excellent day

Horoscope: If you are in the midst of a negotiation at work or school, someone will offer you a compromise today -- you should take it! A better offer is not likely to come along any time soon. Put this issue to rest and move on.

Guess what? My media carts (with document cameras, projectors, & awesome speakers all wirelessly, gleefully connecting to the computer) were delivered to BOTH of my classrooms this morning! JOY JOY JOY! But the best part? One of my colleagues, a delightful blend - visually and characteristically, actually - of Eddie Vedder and Jesus, remarked as I did my happy jig, "I noticed three men setting everything up for you, sooo...Which one did you have to...?" That provided a much-needed end of the week laugh. (And I'm not telling).

More excellence:

"Veronica" by Elvis Costello on the radio (a beautiful, bittersweet song)
Grande soy chai in my own pretty cup
Husband setting up rogue router for extra computer in my classroom
Secretary's precious & precocious puppy sniffing around the building
Confirmation call for hair coloring & cutting tomorrow morning
Friends from Seattle coming to visit
Husband-cleaned kitchen & bathroom (sink included!)
Girlfriend time