Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My brain is all over the place today. Please respond to and/or answer any of the following random observations & questions. Or not. Free country.
  • If a particular [promised 4 weeks ago] item is actually available to set up in my classroom, one should either promptly bring that item [upstairs] to my classroom or accept assistance in getting it [upstairs] into my classroom. Conversely, if a particular [promised 4 weeks ago] item is actually not in existence, please tell me that instead of pretending I will eventually get that item.
  • Is it wrong to eat an entire jar of Kalamata olives in one sitting?
  • Yesterday, when we were renting Mason a trombone (yes, we did), I was just about to ask "Do you want to give your trombone a name?" when my boy looked at me and said "I'm trying to think of what to name it." Who knew band geekiness was genetic? (It's Buddy, by the way)
  • My 8-year old daughter is phenomenal at Wii Fit hula hooping. Worry now?
  • Which ring of Hell am I relegated to when I pray that certain students will stay home?
  • When will I finally plan meals more than ten minutes a day in advance? I genuinely enjoy cooking, I think I'm relatively intelligent about nutrition & balance, I know I can design a lovely presentation, yet I always develop a throbbing headache when I sit down to think about what to eat for dinner each day. Tell me this happens to everyone. Everyday.
  • At what point do I have to stop thinking my body really is a wonderland? Just curious.