Saturday, September 13, 2008

so nice to hear

After being dissed by a student (he had claimed he was unable to work on his computer because it was making a disturbing noise that I probably didn't notice "because old people, like 40 and stuff, can't hear certain sounds anymore") and having the Wii Fit proclaim me 73 in fitness years [I demanded a recount and, once I actually read the instructions for the balance test and did it correctly, was recalibrated to 51; still not stellar but at least not geriatric], I was ready for some mental love. Thankfully, the universe complied in the form of these gracious people:

"NO WAY you're 40, Mrs. S! I totally thought you were, like, still in your thirties." Sincerely said by a more thoughtful student countering the other little jackass young man.

"You are an angel for them." From our wholly angelic school custodian & all-around lovely person Vickie, after I told her about how superbly my freshman English class went Friday afternoon.

In the midst of discussing my role as teacher to teenagers, the delightfully frank Jason, a former classmate of Stu's at his reunion party, said something to the effect of "All your male students are surely in love with you." Which is both flattering and distressing, and the reason I carefully choose my outfits (and words) every single day.

[Right now I have to give a hearty, loving shout-out to the other reunion attendees who kindly chatted with me last night: adorable Ralph, wonderfully sweet Kelly and her charming husband Lenny. You rock! Thanks for keeping my eyes from glazing over, even after four Lemon Drops]

People inspecting the Cobra in a parking lot: "It is a beautiful car, and you guys look really good in it." Very nice and a relief to hear because sometimes the way my hair whips around, I figure I look like a complete goon.

"By the way, those shoes are award-winning." Spoken by a darling young man in Starbucks about my Goodwill suede Franco Sarto flats with the silver buckle. (His boyfriend seemed unimpressed, however).

And then this showed up from Texan Mama:

She is a true sunny, funny, and happy delight; it's an honor to be chosen by her for this badge. I will pass it on to the inimitable Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor for her bright optimism, always snort-worthy humor, and happiness with a capital H. It is a treat to be in such good company.

I know, I'm so vain. I probably think this post is about me.