Thursday, September 18, 2008

special requests

Because I'm lazy and have nothing else to say today some people have asked nicely for this & that, I would like to comply.

Here is one of the "classy" fly traps we have hanging in a [vain] attempt to capture the insects plaguing us. Happy update: Fewer flies lately, and even though they're not being caught by the traps, it does mean nothing is actually rotting in my house. (I hate that I even entertained that possibility).

Poor little denigrated kitchen goddess...

CoffeeYogurt requested a look at our Cobra that we drove up to Stu's sort-of reunion last weekend. I can't find any with us looking all cool sitting in it, so you'll have to enjoy this shot from our driveway.

My man does good work, no?

Then someone requested video of me with my new Wii Fit and Mel, a Dramatic Mommy challenged me to a Hula Hoop contest but I'm not quite ready for that kind of prime time so I'll let you go here. Trust me, it's a much better option [not outrageous, but probably not for work viewing].

And no one in particular asked for any eye candy but I thought it was time.

Mr. Fantastic, indeed...