Sunday, September 21, 2008

to do

What a teacher* does on Sunday:
  • Wear Cowboys t-shirt to church
  • Pray for various students during worship
  • Begin doing copious amounts of laundry
  • Watch non-Cowboy games in between loads of laundry
  • Enjoy soy chai latte brought by neighbor (Thanks, Dave!)
  • Polish dining room table
  • Cut hydrangeas for dining room table
  • Dust livingroom
  • Sweep & vacuum downstairs
  • Swap out kids' seasonal clothes
  • Quick trip to Goodwill to get basket for Wii components
  • Vacuum upstairs
  • Delight over sweater & long pants options this week (it's finally truly Fall!)
  • Beg husband to make dinner as Cowboys' game begins
  • Promise to thank husband profusely
  • Write lame blog post in between game plays
  • Deliberately not think about lack of inspiration for Tech class tomorrow

*Does not represent the view of all teachers