Tuesday, October 21, 2008

loopy tuesday

My school day went unnaturally well - tech students seemed to actually enjoy the 'show & tell' assignment (they each shared 3 favorite Internet sites; I had to override the district block on a few...); Advocacy students seemed to actually enjoy stuffing envelopes for a community service project; Freshman English students seemed to actually enjoy listening to & discussing a short story.

When I got home, I had a driving desire to change not into just any comfortable clothes but my camo pants, brown GAP sweater, and Crocs.

Later, I stopped by Blockbuster to rent another Sopranos despite the possibility of an exorbitant late fee for a movie I never actually watched but eventually turned in. They have a new Fascist policy of charging the cost of the movie (if one were to stupidly buy it at full retail price from the most expensive film boutique on Rodeo Drive) once it's 5 days overdue. Previously, when they threatened charging the full cost, they always backed down and merely slapped me on the hand with a $1.25 "restocking fee." (Does the clerk putting away this late movie actually get to take home that fantastic bonus? Curious). But now I can only get away with the $1.25 if I return the rental within 10 days of the original due date, which is only 5 days after the date they charge my account $377.95 and precisely one day before I remember to get the *#(&*(@ movie back to the store. And to make everything worse, I've developed an unhealthy, inexplicable need for one of our Blockbuster clerks to find me captivating and smart enough to discuss video selections with; I've heard him talking with other people about great choices - why doesn't he say those things to ME? [Yes he's cute, in a geeky movie expert way - kind of how the nerdy music expert bald guy in High Fidelity is strangely attractive]. So of course Geeky Cute Video Expert Guy was the one to tell me I owed $377.95 for a movie I said I had already turned in but somehow was not actually checked back in. I can stand that kind of mix-up with a homely, not-so-movie-savvy clerk; the encounter with GCVEG deflated me in my cool camo pants. Sigh.

But anyway, the children started homework EARLY without any prompting from me, I finished all laundry (including folding and mostly putting away), my best friend/neighbor shared her roast beef & sweet potato dinner with us, the children got ready for bed ON TIME and we cozily read Harry Potter together (we've started the series again; we missed the Hogwarts crew), and then I cuddled up with Stu to rewatch the delightful Baby Mama.

And now I'm finishing this very silly post (because Stu wouldn't be my guest writer tonight) and going to bed.


[P.S. for the concerned: The past-due charge was really only $23 and GCVEG did dismiss it. But not smilingly and/or with praise for my previous movie choices...]