Monday, October 27, 2008

love fest

The school board had its public hearing tonight regarding the budget for our high school's new building. We at Hayes Freedom have been imploring our students to simply show up and be the smart, talented, remarkable people we know them to be; we invited them to speak about the school if they felt moved to do so; we warned them about the possibility of people with differing and potentially cruel opinions.

Our kids showed up, looking & behaving like the smart, talented, remarkable people we know them to be. Many of them were moved to speak not only about the school but also about the friends they've made, the successes they've experienced, how comfortable & safe they feel at school, and about the teachers they know care deeply about them. No one opposed us, no one was cruel.

Parents spoke, proud to tears of their kids; graduates spoke, to much applause. We teachers didn't speak this time, partly because we had already given our piece to the school board but also because, really, we would just stand there blubbering over the bravery and sincerity of all those who got up before us. It was beautiful and, we hope, effective.

Ride the train, y'all