Thursday, October 2, 2008


My students have spent a lot of time lately blithely humoring me working diligently to find & use more meaningful, powerful words. We've talked at length about the variety of words - plethora, if you will - available to them, about going beyond the staid & stale 'good' and 'like' and 'fun.'

It's been like pulling teeth an absolute joy; everyday we do things like share different ways of answering the question "How are you?" I've found myself being more honest when people ask it of me (instead of the immediate "Fine" I might respond, "Mediocre." People stare, it's quite amusing), and even the teenagers have tried out "Delightful" and "Crappy, actually." It's an English major's mini-fantasy.

I'm including a link right here to a site that may be considered offensive to some; it's about a word that I did not include in my list (see below) but really do find immensely satisfying from time to time.

Anyhoo (which is not a real word but is occasionally enjoyable to utter), I've made a list of some favorite words at A-Lister today. Go see, and join in. Feel free to roll your eyes and sigh heavily before doing so, for the full teenager effect.