Sunday, November 9, 2008

for your viewing displeasure

I know I can choose to turn the channel or even switch off the TV, but I still can't shake the knowledge of nonsense going on and, worse, other people absorbing it into their psyches.

Shows I've heard of lately (besides the unfortunately renewed Denise Richards: It's Complicated - no, It's Nauseating; she's confused) that make me roll my eyes and/or begin to weep:

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel - Because I need further reason to think I'm inadequate and missing out on massive fun in Vegas?

Live Like You're Dying - It's essentially the Make-A-Wish concept (except MAW don't require children to be terminally ill in order to grant wishes) but somehow making it into a reality show seems morbid; there will be shamelessly copious amounts of sad music and manipulative soft focus shots, I just know it. [Edited for clarity: This show is produced by Survivor's Jeff Probst and has no association with Make-A-Wish - it just wants to grant an extravagant last wish to individuals who are diagnosed with only a few months to live]

True Beauty - Really, they seriously think we'll believe Tyra Banks knows what the hell true beauty is? Please.

However, I have to say I am intrigued about Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design. A retired football player (former Cowboy even) becoming an interior designer? Now that is freakin' original, if not fascinating. It's about the coolest hobby revelation since Rosey Grier and his knitting & needlepoint. And nothing about it makes me want to cry for the future of America.

*Comic from Mr. Toast; a very good idea.