Friday, November 14, 2008

hilarity (or stupidness, depending on how many drinks you've had)

Nevermind how old lame antisocial unconventional this evening sounds, it is in actuality SUPER FUN. My neighbor/best friend Jen & I have been drinking enjoying each other's company since right after school early evening and are currently (9:06 p.m. PST) feeling particularly spunky sans children (mine are at home with THE BEST HUSBAND EVER and hers are, well, upstairs doing something...).

So far we've thumbed through the latest Entertainment Weekly (me), looked at random friends on Facebook (her), discussed Jesus, made fun of people on Facebook, asked for forgiveness, laughed like 8th graders, spilled drinks, acquired new drinks (BEST HUSBAND EVER), eaten glazed croissants (husband again), forgotten to watch Tivoed "30 Rock" episode, looked up pictures of Kid Rock (we were hoping there would be one JUST ONE of him looking classy; the answer is no), watched Britney Spears videos, laughingly mentioned "plot" in relation to Britney Spears videos...

You're jealous, I know.

Next time, we incorporate Jen's new built-in webcam.