Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the new look of imminent poverty

Important foreboding back story: At the Camas Educational Foundation auction last month, my dear & darling husband lovingly purchased a shopping party for me at the delectable boutique Lily Atelier; it included two $75 gift certificates (one for the clothing area & one for the shoe section), 20% off purchases for a year, AND cocktails from our bartender friend Dave. Money toward my school district PLUS pretty clothes, shoes & drinks? The only downside seemed its being scheduled during Monday Night Football...

Fast forward to last night when I showed up to shop. Let me just say I first felt a tad out of place in my typical teacher-after school garb of jeans, cardigan & loafers, then I had a touch of angst about price tags since I am usually the ultimate Goodwill Queen and Garage Sale Maven. I'm not at all against paying for quality, or paying more for items I will wear frequently, but the first couple of sweaters I touched were dry clean only, upwards of $150 each, and made in China. While I don't begrudge other countries making a buck, I am opposed to helping support a potentially unfair work system, but that is for another post. After wandering (and drinking a bit), I managed to uncover some made in USA (and Canada & Spain, good enough) items I could not resist.

To avoid making this short story any longer, I'll cut to the chase: Pair of fancy shoes + Two smoothasbutter shirts + Pants [being hemmed] guaranteed to make me teach better + Lacy underthings - $150 certificates - 20% off = $Ican'tevenbringmyselftotellyou.

But look how pretty.

I felt very Grace Kelly all day.

If anyone snags, stains, or otherwise corrupts these babies, heads will roll.

So, if I suddenly stop writing this blog it means I've used my 20% off coupon and have been forced to take a second, possibly third, job to pay for my "bargains." Wish me luck, one way or another.