Tuesday, November 25, 2008

twittery facebookishness

Bad Mom is having a raging headache with earache chaser.

Bad Mom is hoping for quick relief from the 2 1/2 acetaminophen tablets that were best used by 12/06.

Bad Mom is attempting to organize a schedule for cleaning the entire house, making banana bread, finishing laundry, and grocery shopping. Tonight.

Bad Mom is trying not think about the mess being made by three wildly giggly girls upstairs.

Bad Mom is actively not looking directly at her kitchen.

Bad Mom is grateful her husband offered [with very little harassing prompting] to pick up pizza on his way home from work.

Bad Mom is mentally preparing herself for the necessary-but-highly-unpleasant-sounding mammogram tomorrow.

Bad Mom is looking forward to a long solitary lunch with her iPod and Ann Patchett book after tomorrow's appointment.

Bad Mom is thankful for all of the people who (curiously) find time, energy, and interest to keep following her blog.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Oh dear. I hope those giggly girls help pick up when they are done...just saying. One in particular.

That appointment will be just fine tomorrow - a little embarrassing, but fine.

Enjoy your lunch too.

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving... I am hiding at the coast so I don't have to deal with any traditional thanksgiving stresses.... tomorrow the Wax Museum and swimming in an indoor pool...

Very Mary said...

Small boob woman here confessing how much she loathes those damn mammograms.

Nora said...

I find that if I don't look directly at my kitchen it cleans itself.

Biscuit said...

Where's "Bad Mom pours herself a glass of Merlot?" : )

Mrs. G. said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shana said...

Good luck tomorrow. Is this your first one? It's not fun, but certainly not anything to be anxious about. You'll be fine. : )

Melanie said...

Melanie is thankful for Bad Mom.

brandy101 said...

Best of luck at the annual boob-squish!


Gretchen said...

Texan Mama is also thankful for Bad Mom. You Rock!


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