Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sweeping the nation

Being the born geek English major, I love me the word games - Scrabble, Taboo, Scattergories, but especially Catchphrase because gestures are allowed (I have a tendency to talk with my hands a tad). Last Christmas, my cousin got us the electronic version (thanks again, Amos!) and the kids & I play informally every chance we get.

During Thanksgiving break, we were going around when I got "restroom." I said, "When you're in a public place and you have to pee...." Paige yelled "BATHROOM" while Mason shouted "TOILET," so I nodded and went on: "Alright, so if you get tired and you want to lie down, you're going to _______." Mason: "SLEEP! You're sleepy!" I tried to wave him off that line and repeated the part about being tired plus the public place to pee. My boy was at the point of no return in his own mind and shrieked with utter authority, "SLEEPY TOILET!"

I laughed until I cried. Ah, good times.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I love that kid.

JenPB said...

I love Catchphrase (and Pictionary, and good ol' charades). The funniest things come out when you're playing. Last year, at the end of a long line of crazy guesses and silly statements, my aunt's hint to me was, "It's on my kitchen floor." Without thinking (which is what the game capitalizes on for fun), I yelled, "DIRT!" Fortunately, my aunt's not super sensitive about dirt on the floor. We all just FELL OUT!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Baby Fishmouth!

I knew that clip before I even played it. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. I've seen it 1,000,000 times and I'm still not tired of it.

Gretchen said...

I SO love Taboo! My husband will not play it with me anymore because I always kick his butt. And I can't play with my kids because they can only read a little and don't totally get the whole "other meaning of same words" concept. Plus it's just not as fun beating someone who is 1/5 my age.

Melanie Sheridan said...

I love Taboo. I can hardly get anyone to play games with me. Baby Fishmouth! Hee hee

Anonymous said...

Yay Mason! I thought you all would like that game. Your "Apples to Apples" is really fun, too. And Pictionary (I know - it's old but it's still fun). Remember machete? Hee hee. Can't wait to see you guys on the 21st AND PLAY US SOME GAMES! :)

brandy101 said...

I also love word games. We have scattergories, and never play for points as much as just laughing over some of the answers we come up with. We play Taboo at Xmas time with the family. I will have to look for Catchphrase - sounds like fun!

dkuroiwa said...

Pictionary is a good one for my boys as there may be reading, but someone can read it for them (yeah, we don't do very well with the written word...sshhh...don't tell, okay?:-D )
Anyway...we've started doing something that began as a story about something one of my students does....he doesn't really listen very well, so to the question "How old are you?", he might answer "Feb. 3rd". NOw....in the car, we play "funny answers"....the boys are getting really good. This afternoon when I picked up Koji at the daycare and asked him how he was, he answered "Koji". I looked at him like "wth?" and he just giggled!!
By the way...my students are loving Apples to Apples...great for ESL students!!!


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