Saturday, December 20, 2008

winter daze

The Annual Great Graham Cracker Challenge

Mason chose a scene from Robinson Crusoe
Note the gigantic Swedish fish just offshore

Paige went with snowy Utopia
(The pretzel sticks are cattails, we were informed a dozen times)

The It-Really-Truly-Finally-Snowed Snow Day

Yes, it was really that dark when he went outside first thing in the morning.

The fruits of his pre-dawn labor.

What Moms Do on Snow Days

Jen wants me to assure you that she is not really a giant. And I'm not really a leprechaun. Lisa is graciously slouching for my benefit, yet showing me up with her cute black scarf

When Snow Becomes Boring

Some kids practice geography.

Others look up obnoxious videos.

The Great Tree Hunt

(Or, Where You Go When Your Regular Tree Farm Closes Because Christmas is Less Than A Week Away)

Mason was promised he could do something with a hatchet this year

Men at work in the tree lot across from our neighborhood

We go for the free and/or homemade only eclectic look

(For the record, I'm on the Blog This Mom tree team)

Merry Christmas.