Saturday, January 31, 2009

i choose earlier bedtimes

Upstairs, my daughter is still crying, after 25 minutes, because she can't find her purple velvet eye shade. And her good friend (the gracious daughter of my best friend Lisa) stands by in awkward support, even offering her own blue silk eye shade in a please stop the nonsense move kind gesture. I took my girl aside to ask how she would feel if Lexi had invited her over then sat crying on her bed over an eye shade; to no avail - she DOESN'T KNOW how she would feel, she just FEELS SAD NOW. So I offered a sympathetic yet vaguely threatening remark along the lines of "Get yourself together and enjoy your friend or I will take her home right now."

Then my son, who is also having a friend sleep over (um, who does the scheduling around here??), is going all lack-of-focus on us: trying to design the perfect joke that will result in the punchline "Screw you;" still forgetting to put things away after 45 reminders; making a production of putting away the things he kept forgetting about; alternately being Police Captain & Dr. Phil to his crying sister.

I am going now to close everyone's door, run a steamy bath, read & exfoliate a bit, then get into my pajamas and pull the covers over my head for 10 hours.


Janet said...

awwwww, man. Hang in there! Hope the bath helped, not to mention sleep.

katydidnot said...

i'm hoping that at some point in his unfocused putting things away that mason came across paige's purple velvet eye shade. and frankly, i'm not sure what an eyeshade is, but i'm thinking a sleep mask?, but if i lost one in purple velvet then i might cry and cry too.

shrink on the couch said...

Let me know how that works. Don't mind me if I'm a bit dubious.

lisahgolden said...

I believe our children might be taking lessons from each other.

(I found my way here via Fantastic Forrest.)

A New England Life said...

Oh man, such is the life of a mother, huh? Does it ever end? Well I suppose so, when they move out. And then you miss those days *sigh*

I hope your evening turned out the way you wanted. Somehow mine seldom do.

If she's crying over eyeshadow now, just think about highschool! lol!!! Maybe by then she will 'get herself together'

Saucy said...

Ten hours? That's it?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Q: What does a ram do to make a baby sheep?

A: Screw ewe.

I just made that up.

Shana said...

My favorite time to be around little girls is when they are in the midst of self imposed drama. NOT. I feel your pain. My standard response is, "I'm sorry you lost it, we'll buy a new one next week." Generally, the missing item will turn up within a week. Or she forgets about it. Either or. I'm also not above cash payouts to children who will shut up and leave me alone. Seriously. $5 to read for an hour in the tub undisturbed? Money well spent.

Fantastic Forrest said...

This makes me feel so good about my children. Not that they are one itsy bit better. Just that there is an equal level of lunacy here.

We had some serious sleepovers while we were overseas. Like stay up all night and be a total zombie the next three days. Or a little girl who started crying at 2 am wanting to go home. I couldn't bear to wake her parents at that hour so I sat up with her for HOURS to keep her calm and happy. Finally slept around 7 am. Then at 10 am, when her mammy came to get her, she cried because she had to leave.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Stu previewed this post last night, when he stopped by Sam's, to eat what food (little) there was left to us girls who had the game on, but really didn't watch it.

(There were cookies and olives and wine and kids, running everywhere. Game, who?)

But he outlined his eyes as he explained it and from a safe distance, it was really funny if only because we could only relate, especially when you have girls.

I'm sorry it went wrong. I hope the bath restored your soul. And sanity.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That sounds about par for the course.

Escape is always a good course of action.

AngelConradie said...

you only need to close one door- your own!


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