Friday, January 2, 2009

inauspicious beginning

It is 10:05 pm on the second day of a new year. A new year when I am not supposed to be going to bed after 10:30. A new year when I want to continue writing pithy and/or meaningful posts everyday. A new year when I told myself I would not scorn the Wii Fit. Yet. It is 10:09 now and I am on the couch trying to write while the Wii Fit Balance Board smugly taunts me from the corner.

Today I did not get up for the alarm (kids were at grandpa's!); I did not have my outfit picked up (big plans included dentist appointment and after-Christmas shopping); I did not eat breakfast (unless we're counting a Godiva chocolate, which we are not because that is ridiculous. Though it was heart-healthy dark chocolate...); I have not planned this month's getaway, have not made cards for any birthdays, and HAVE allowed other people's stupid-ass slow-driving in the wrong lane choices to affect my mood. I did, however, light three candles before I started making tacos for dinner.

This little success is going to have to sustain me because it's all I've got [at 10:18 with loads of laundry to go before I sleep]. Oh BUT - I DID win a cookbook from Jenn at Juggling Life! And not just any cookbook from any woman; I won her mom's copy of How To Make Holiday Desserts from The Cook's Illustrated Library, and Jenn is a veritable rock star cook/baker/hostess. I'm excited for those vibes to rub off on me. Maybe they'll help me get up on time, eat breakfast, and dress better, too.