Saturday, January 17, 2009

suburban mom fantasies

Got it goin' on.

Me & the man who indulges my delusional pseudo-groupie behavior

Good girlfriends who lovingly go along with my fanaticism

Mmmm, cocktail & calamari

Emptied pockets & purse
(Thanks again to Sam for pilfering the poster!)

I know I'm a complete lame ass for not taking photos at the actual concert; Stu tried with his cell phone but they turned out looking like bad UFO sightings. I really wish I could have captured the slightly disdainful, contemptuous (but ohmyGod still hot in a bad bad boy way) looks from Jody or the sweet, geekish enrapt faces of Chris & Adam but alas. [Brian on drums is usually cute *see striped shirt guy in poster* but resembled Grizzly Adams last night so I'm leaving him off my list of must-have-gotten shots; no offense to very hairy bearded individuals, it's just not my thing].

The concert was slightly longer than last time and they did play most of the songs I missed then (I take this as a sign that they read my numerous pleading e-mails blog and only want to please me), plus it was 21+ which is good for not having teenagers squealing near me [I just want to be away from teenagers on my days off, please God] and for being able to drink my vanilla Cosmo outside of a roped area. But that distinction really seemed to mean "AARP discounts this way!" The volume of near-geriatric, sitting-the-entire-time (!!!) fans was kind of weird, though it certainly helped make me feel young & hot.

In the end, a pleasant time. Though I'm still hoping for a return e-mail or post-concert party invitation someday; for now I'll settle for Facebook friendship. Oh yes I did.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Jody concerns me. I'm thinking he's taking the bad boy thing too far, either drunk or stoned last night.

But I had a great time, even after a week that left me tired and headache-y.

Thanks for having me along.

katydidnot said...

they love you. you know it.

they were all talking about you after the show.

in a good way.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Sounds like you all had an absolute blast. Wish I could have accepted your invitation to go!

Happy to learn that FoW adhered to your playlist suggestions. It's always so sad when you REALLY want certain songs and they're left out.

brandy101 said...

Yay! You friended them!!!

SO glad you had fun. I ALSO do not *heart* beards/facial hair!


JCK said...

Sounds like a blast!

Shana said...

You hot young chicks probably had the geriatric set in an uproar. Par-tay.

Danielle said...

Sounds like fun. I'm sure you were spotted in the crowd and they were hey 'I wonder if that's the chick that emails us all the time?'

AngelConradie said...

hhmmm, nice to have someone indulge us, eh?

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You were very nice to respond to my request for advice, Stephanie. Totally unexpected. I especially liked your suggestion to simply lock the door. Inspired!

Glad to see that you had a great time at your concert. Is there anything better than calamari and cocktails? I doubt we can name much. :)



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