Wednesday, February 25, 2009

good sports for good scouts

On the heels of the post about adults behaving badly, I can offer a bunch of words about adults behaving remarkably well.

For the past two nights, Paige & I did our Girl Scout duty of cookie selling at the nearby Safeway. As we waited for our coordinator to arrive yesterday, another Girl Scout [from a different troop] and her dad pulled up. Though some people might at this moment start singing the Jet Song to mark Cookie Territory and defend their Sales, we all chatted amiably about a mix-up in scheduling before discussing schools and teachers and the merits of sashes vs. vests. When we established that our troop was indeed scheduled to be at that location, Dad & his Girl Scout helped us unload our table & boxes. It was so Afterschool Special, I thought I might cry for the goodness of mankind.

Then, every customer walking in & out of the grocery store was nothing short of delightful and kind (except for the jackass 20something dude who raced his Jeep onto the walkway to drop off his buddy and gave us a "What??" look when we glared from 10 feet away). Did I mention it was approximately 0 degrees both nights? And raining? With a chance of snow? Yet everyone (except Jackass) smiled at our bouncy vibrant dancing-the-chill-away girls. And most people purchased cookies, even after we'd run out of Samoas and Thin Mints and Trefoils.

Goodness. It warmed even my frosty toes.