Monday, February 2, 2009

help, i'm watching a woody allen movie and i like it

I do not enjoy Woody Allen's work and have always felt a little less-than because of that. Everyone who gushes over loving his movies seems so intelligent, so metropolitan, so much more 'aware' of whatever smart sociological stuff he writes. Interestingly, it's the incessant dialogue that tends to turn me off; I say "interestingly" because if you know me an iota you are aware of my ability to talk until people's ears bleed. But I digress.

Tonight we are watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona for a couple of key reasons. First, Javier Bardem. Second, I had a free rental last week at Blockbuster that expired at the end of January....And did I mention Javier Bardem?

Now I want to move to Spain, become an expatriate, be fifteen years younger, find an artist lover, make friends with his crazy ex-wife, and generally be a gorgeous cosmopolite. And Stu keeps wishing for a threesome among the beautiful people.

Stupid Woody Allen.