Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wonderful, wonderful

New quarters feel almost as promising & delightful as the beginning of the year and this one is no exception. Though I enjoyed teaching Catcher in the Rye & Great Gatsby again and creative writing is always an adventure, I looked forward to new avenues in speech & technology. These last couple of days have been remarkably positive; I'm almost thinking there is a hustle going on.
Particularly in speech today - I put the kids through "Speed Meetings" (like Speed Dating but without the awkward weirdness, kind of) and they rolled their eyes & groaned, as I expected. But then. I wandered around the room eavesdropping on their three-minute conversations and found Stoner Boy showing ASB Girl a picture of his cat; Wary Quiet Guy teaching Outspoken Lesbian how to read music; Skater Kid discussing with Preppy Princess where he would most like to visit. After 35 minutes and seven impromptu conversations, I no longer saw a Stoner Boy, ASB Girl, Wary Quiet Guy, et cetera - I had a classroom of 22 Renegades with broader minds and new acquaintances.

Please, God, let the rest of the quarter move along this plane.

Sing it, Johnny.